Introducing the GreenEye Monitor™

  • 32 Power Monitoring Channels
  • Measures "True" Power and Energy
  • May be used for "NET Metering" of Solar and Wind Power Systems
  • Capable of Monitoring Single, Split or 3-Phase Systems
  • Multitude of Communication Options Available: RS-232, WiFi, Ethernet, ZigBee
  • Includes Four Pulse Counter Inputs For Water or Gas Consumption
  • 1-Wire Bus© for Temperature Sensing
  • Concealed Lead Connection for Clean Installation

The GreenEye Monitor is the culmination of Brultech's twenty year experience in the development of energy consumption monitors. Our expertise has enabled us to develop a monitor that provides an affordable energy monitoring solutions from residential to commercial/industrial applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring "whole house" consumption down to individual branch circuit loads
  • Tracking power usage for each unit of an apartment building.
  • Commercial energy audits. Discover where all the electricity is being used!

Builders! What a great add-on to your next home development! A "built-in" self contained website with a breakdown of energy used by combining the GreenEye Monitor with our low-power (3W) dedicated web server box.

How Does It Work?

  • Non-intrusive sensors are installed around the wire going to each panel breaker, panel feed or solar/wind inverter.
  • The sensed current along with the sensed voltage is used to determine the energy used.
  • The data consisting of real-time usage (Watt) along with energy used (KilowattHour) is forwarded to a host for display and analysis.
  • A web browser can be used to display historical data and cost of energy.

Power Measurements:

All 32 channels are identical, featuring:

  1. Measures "True" (Real) Power. This is what the power company charges for.
  2. Each channel compatible with any style of CT (current sensor) we provide.
  3. The 4-point push terminals can easily accept two CTs on a single channel allowing a 240V split load to be monitored by a single channel.
  4. Any of the channels may be configured for NET metering which measures the power in both directions when selling power back to the utility from a Solar or Wind generating system.
  5. The ability to measure any phase of a 3-phase commercial, light industrial panel or load.


Pulse Counters:

The GreenEye Monitor has four pulse counter inputs. These pulse counters may receive pulses from other meter types with pulse outputs. These include gas, water, LP or power meters.

Two of the counters are optically isolated from the GreenEye Monitor circuit and requires a pulsed voltage between 3VDC and 24VDC.

The other two counters are for "dry contact" switches. This means that the pulses are generated by switch/relay contact closure closure with no voltage present.


One-Wire Bus:

The 1-wire bus system uses the Maxim®/Dallas® proprietary standard, compatible with the very popular DS18B20 temperature sensor. Using this system, a single three conductor cable may connect all sensors on the same bus. The GreenEye Monitor may then address each temperature sensor individualy.



The GreenEye Monitor supports various means of communication. It has two main communication ports which by default are assigned to two RS-232 connection terminal.

If the WiFi option is desired, it then occupies the COM1 port. The WiFi module support WEP, WPA, WPA1, WPA2 security options.

An optional wired Ethernet module may also be used and connected to COM1.

The GreenEye Monitor circuit board has been socketed to accomodate Digi's ( standard plug-in XBee module, providing ZigBee® communication with the outside world.

The GreenEye Monitor has a dedicated processor for handling the communication overhead. This provides the user with the choice of a variety of "packet formats", APIs and the ability to post data to one of many data hosting sites. As new formats and data options are available, they will be available in the form of "free" firmware upgrades.


Firmware Upgrades:

We have simplified the process of upgrading firmware. This process may now be done using RS-232 or Ethernet/WiFi.

Since many new features will be introduced with time, a simple firmware upgrade will bring your system up to date with the latest features.


The entire GreenEye Monitor measures only 7.25" X 9.25" X 2.2".

The CT leads may enter from behind, providing a "clean" installation.

Optionally the CT leads may enter from the bottom or top if entry from behind is prohibitive.